Dennis Van Hoogstraten Uses Ogre Solid to set National Record

     24 year old Dennis van Hoogstraten of Nijmegen, began bowling when he was 10 years old. He quickly became a member of the Netherlands national youth team, and bowled in the European Championship when he was just 16. In 2002, Dennis decided to put bowling on hold, while he continued his education.

     After graduating in 2009, Dennis decided to once again concentrate on bowling, and quickly regained his form. After looking through numerous online resources, Dennis and his father Chris, decided that an Ogre Solid would be the best fit for his game. Unable to locate the ball in his area, Dennis ended up placing a special order, and purchased the ball from Germany.

     All of his work and efforts paid off big time.  Using his Ogre solid, Dennis shot games of 288, 290, and 300 in route to an 878 series, setting a new 3 game record for the Netherlands. Congratulations Dennis!