Congrats to Rick Cheshier!

     On December 17th Rick Cheshier showed up to bowl in the American League at Holiday Lanes in Bossier City, LA as he normally would. However, that night would be anything but normal. Rick got out his favorite ball, the Visionary Spartan, and began his night.

     He started with a very respectable 258. Rick said, “I was throwing the ball good and the Spartan was leaving little doubt when it hit the pins”. He continued to throw the ball well, very well in fact shooting 300 the second game!! As he started the third game, Rick said, “This is when I started to notice people were watching. Our team was battling in close games and I was more concerned about making good shots to help the team win”. As he got into the third game, people started keeping track of what he needed for an 800. They let him know when he got there, about the 9th frame. “It got really quiet when I was bowling the 10th frame”, he remembers. “I threw three solid shots and everyone in the center, it seemed, came to congratulate me”.

     Rick finished the night with 258-300-300 for an 858 series. He says, “To bowl 28 strikes in a row you need a little luck, the right condition and the right ball in your hand. The Spartan is the perfect fit for the way I throw the ball”.