Xiphos II Pearl Coverstock

Balls with the Xiphos II Pearl Coverstock

Mixed Breed Pearl

Xiphos II Pearl Coverstock

     Continuing the highly successful Mixed Breed line, the Mixed Breed Pearl is the perfect choice when the lanes start to break down, and the solid is just too much ball. Using the same core as it’s predecessor, the pearl version will clear the heads and mids easily, while generating more backends and the same continuation through the pocket as the solid.

     The Mixed Breed line uses a strong asymmetric core design, boasting an intermediate differential of .015″ and a total differential of .052″. This allows the ball to not only get into an early roll, but provide a strong breakpoint with tremendous continuation.

     Like the Mixed Breed Solid, the Xiphos II Pearl keeps oil absorption to a minimum allowing the ball to be continually used without having to worry about the ball becoming oil soaked. An occasional cleaning and adding a little polish when necessary will keep this ball like new for years.

     ***This is a Z-spin asymmetric core design, so please make sure to read the drilling instructions and drill properly***