Polyester Coverstock

Balls with the Polyester Coverstock

Clear Gargoyle

Polyester Coverstock

     The Clear Gargoyle is simply COOL!  There is not a better looking spare ball on the market.  Unfortunately these were very limited, and if you managed to get your hands on one, then you were very lucky.


Polyester Coverstock

     The Hatchling was another very cool looking clear spare ball.  Similar to the Clear Gargoyle, this ball was very limited and is nearly impossible to find.

     *** Appearance - 3 Dragon Eggs at various stages of hatching***


Polyester Coverstock

     Amulet - (am' yoo lit) - an object that contains magical powers, carried by a bowler to ward off evil and bring good luck!

     The "Infrared" Amulet is a translucent-red polyester that has been known to emit laser-like beams as it travels down the lane. It has also scored 300 when used for a strike ball.

     The ball markings consist of the Visionary logo and the word "Amulet", both filled in flourescent orange. As with our other Visionary balls, the CG spot is marked directly above the serial number. The combination of a performance core and thick shell generate more hitting power than other polyester balls. This ball is a MUST for crankers or dry lane conditions.