Incross Coverstock

Balls with the Incross Coverstock

New Breed Crossover

Incross Coverstock

     The Incross coverstock contains a navy blue solid reactive material and a forest green reactive pearl that allows the New Breed Crossover to get down the lane easily, while still having enough traction to handle medium to heavy house patterns and carry down well.

     Designed to replace the recently discontinued New Breed Solid, this ball will have a similar ball motion, and cover the same type of lane conditions. Factory finished to 2000 Abralon, the Incross cover is very durable and takes to surface adjustments extremely easily.

     The New Breed line is equipped with a slightly asymmetrical, dense center core design with a cap and a lighter wrap. This allows for a quick revving ball that begins to roll in the later part of the midlane while the pronounced cap provides more flip and a sharper break than the Gladiators. The “wedge” on the side of the core creates a mild mass bias for fine tuning the balls reaction.

     This line of balls will get through the front clean but offer a stronger and sharper break than the Gladiator line. Designed to handle virtually all house conditions, the New Breed particle pearl will blend out wet/dry lane conditions, while the pearl provides more length with a sharper break, and the solid will give you more traction for wetter lane conditions. With similar but improved characteristics – anyone who likes the Gryphon line should love the New Breeds.