Implex LP Coverstock

Balls with the Implex LP Coverstock


Implex LP Coverstock

      ***10-13lb are special order and may take up to 2-3 weeks to ship***


     The Raven uses a modified version of the Ogre core, and a newly developed coverstock. By increasing the density of the Ogre core, and surrounding it with a light weight wrap, we have been able to decrease the RG and increase the differential significantly, creating a stronger reaction while still maintaining the driller friendly characteristics found with the original Ogre core design.

     The coverstock on the Raven is a reactive pearl formulation, with a light load of the same particle used in the Ogre Particle. This cover allows the ball to give you the backend reaction of a scuffed pearl, while preventing the ball from skidding through the breakpoint when you run into mild carrydown or a transitioning pattern.