Hard Urethane Coverstock

Balls with the Hard Urethane Coverstock

Ogre Urethane

Hard Urethane Coverstock

     The OGRE-Urethane core takes the core from the OGRE line and encases it with a lighter spherical wrap. The core is then covered with a Hard Urethane coverstock.

     As always Visionary strides to keep its quality to the highest of standards, BUT, due to the extremely violent nature of the chemical reaction when pouring these balls, some small porosity may result. This is nothing that would alter the balls reaction in any way. Unlike the rest of the OGRE line, which is powered by a symmetrical, dual density core design without a wrap – the OGRE-Urethane’s heavier cover created a need to lighten the overall core weight to keep the total weight the same. This lighter wrap (found only on the OGRE-Urethane) also counteracts the higher density cover to keep the ball RG virtually the same while slightly increasing the differential. This produces a hard urethane ball designed for spares but with dynamics that allow it to perform extremely well on drier lane conditions (or for people with higher revs).

Amulet Glowing

Hard Urethane Coverstock

     The Glowing Amulet is shown in its normal condition (neon yellow). The ball will charge with exposure to any light source (5 minutes in the sun or under a black light works best) and then, unlike other "glow" balls that only work under a black light, when the charged Amulet is placed in a dark area it will continue to glow for hours.

     The core is the inner portion of the Gargoyle with a larger spherical wrap. This is then surrounded with a new phosphorescent hard URETHANE cover (patent pending) that truly GLOWS-IN-THE-DARK. This ball contains NO radioactive materials but due to the special chemicals involved to create this ball, slight color variations and light streaks might be found throughout the cover stock. These streaks are NOT defects and in no way effect the performance or integrity of the ball.

     Although this ball is designed as a spare ball, the urethane cover and dynamic core create a great ball for dry lanes or for crankers. Drill it like you would any other 2-piece ball (stacked, leverage, etc.) This may make the ball a little more aggressive for spares than some people like. For a straighter spare ball, drill it very tame and balance the static weights out to close to zero (top, side, and finger). For even straighter roll, use a ball with low top weight and drill the ball axis, placing a weight hole near or on the axis to produce 1/2 to 3/4 ounce negative side weight.

Slate Blue Gargoyle

Hard Urethane Coverstock

     When the lanes are too dry for reactive bowling balls, the Slate Blue Gargoyle feels right at home. Designed with fried lanes in mind, this hard urethane will get past those burnt heads and make a smooth, but powerful arc to the pocket.


     The Slate Blue Gargoyle uses the highly successful Gargoyle core design, and wraps it with a pearlized urethane coverstock.