Galea Pearl Coverstock

Balls with the Galea Pearl Coverstock

Gladiator Pearl

Galea Pearl Coverstock

     The polished Galea Pearl coverstock allows the Gladiator Pearl to get through the heads easier than the solid version and ends with a sharper break (sharper arc – not snap). The low RG allows this ball to get into a roll earlier than most pearl reactives which allows it to handle carrydown better.

     The GLADIATOR line is equipped with an asymmetrical, dense center core design with a lighter wrap. This allows for a quicker revving ball that begins to roll in the midlane while keeping a controllable continuous arc reaction on the backend. The “MOHAWK” on the core creates a mild mass bias for fine tuning the balls reaction.

     The GLADIATOR core takes a candy wrapper shape and adds a “MOHAWK” to produce a mild mass bias and better pin positions. The med-low RG ball with a medium differential creates a good midlane roll with a continuous arc reaction on the backend. With similar characteristics but a more durable cover – anyone who liked the Executioner line should love the Gladiators.