Gargoyle Core

Balls with the Gargoyle Core

Granite Gargoyle

Gargoyle Core

     The "granite" GARGOYLE utilizes a particle technology cover stock from Visionary Bowling Products. Using a reactive/particle cover stock, this ball provides better length and more snap on the back end than other particle balls available. If you liked the green pearl Gargoyle, you'll love this as a complimentary ball for your arsenal.


     While the other gargoyle covers the med-lighter oil conditions, the Granite Gargoyle will work best on heavy-med. oil patterns. The combination of the two Gargoyles offer a 1-2 punch that covers more conditions with just two balls than any other combination available. Both Gargoyles offer all the performance of the top end balls but at a lower cost. This Gargoyle has the same devastating core design used in the Green Pearl Gargoyle, wrapped with a newly developed particle cover stock.

Violet Gargoyle

Gargoyle Core

     The Violet Gargoyle utilizes a solid reactive coverstock to start up sooner on the lane than the Green Pearl, yet maintain the highly aggressive snap on the backends. When the Green Pearl is going too long, and the Granite Gargoyle is just too much ball, pull this ball out of the bag and strike at will.

Green Gargoyle

Gargoyle Core

     The green pearl GARGOYLE from Visionary Bowling Products uses a reactive coverstock developed by our own chemist. This ball provides more snap on the back end than any other Visionary ball previously released. The combination of shell and core used in the Gargoyle provide good length (similar to the Orange Warlock) but with better control in the oil (less skate) than most typical reactives.

     The center of this Gargoyle core is the same high performance core design used in the Scorcher-NPT. Then a spherical wrap is placed around the center core and the whole composite is encased with our newest reactive coverstock.

     This ball offers all the performance of the top end balls but at a lower cost.

Slate Blue Gargoyle

Gargoyle Core

     When the lanes are too dry for reactive bowling balls, the Slate Blue Gargoyle feels right at home. Designed with fried lanes in mind, this hard urethane will get past those burnt heads and make a smooth, but powerful arc to the pocket.


     The Slate Blue Gargoyle uses the highly successful Gargoyle core design, and wraps it with a pearlized urethane coverstock.