DC Core

Balls with the DC Core


DC Core

     The "Midnight" SCORCHER is equipped with a modified version of the DC weight block encased with a truly unique Retro-Active cover stock. This ball is designed for medium to heavy oil and is characterized by a very heavy, even roll.

     As the cover stock name states - retro (like balls of the past) - this ball doesn't over hook in the dry like a reactive and its specially designed textured surface grabs better and earlier in the oil than any reactive. There won't be a big jump or snap on the back end and it won't over skate in the oil. This combination of reactions allows for much better control, especially on touchy conditions with out of bounds, etc.

     As oil carries down to the bowler's break point area, there is little effect on the ball because the difference between the ball's reaction on oil and dry is much smaller than with any other ball. This allows the bowler to make fewer moves to adjust to the changing lane conditions and often lets the player have more of an opportunity to play a shot closer to what they prefer instead of always being forced to play what the lanes dictate.

     Those expecting a snap when the ball goes from oil to dry will be disappointed but those who get tired of constantly having to move and adjust because the oil shifts will love it.

     ***This ball does not polish easily and was not designed for dry lanes or heads.***

Warlock DC Tour Edition

DC Core

     The Magenta DC - Tour Edition takes the power of the DC core and surrounds it with a very early grabbing powerful reactive shell designed for heavier oils. Unlike most Tour Edition balls that are a tamed down version of another ball, our DC - Tour Edition is actually stronger and starts earlier than the original Warlock DC.

Purple Warlock DC

DC Core

     The Purple Pearl Warlock - DC has an aggressive reactive coverstock paired with the DC core (Differential Control), to produce a high torque ball with a large flare potential. Bowling This Month listed this ball as one of the top contenders for Balls of the Year 1998.