Warlock XV Pearl

Warlock XV Pearl



     Once again, Visionary is going back to its roots for the Warlock XV Pearl. Utilizing the Warlock core and wrapping it with our new XV Pearl reactive coverstock, this ball brings back many characteristics of the original Orange Warlock.

     The XV Pearl will give you more length, create stronger backends and provide you a more angular breakpoint than the hybrid Warlock XV.

     This ball is designed for medium conditions, and excels on fresh patterns or lane conditions that have broken down but don’t have much carrydown.

     The Warlock core is a dual density core with a heavy flip cap to provide a strong finish. It also features a heavy stabilizing body for a controllable arc and a thick coverstock shell for maximum impact and power. This core is very “driller friendly”, making it easy for your pro-shop to give you the ball reaction you desire.

Tech Specs

Color:White/Red Pearl
Factory Finish:1500 Polish
RG:16 - 2.54" 15 - 2.57" 14 - 2.64"
Differential:16 - .042" 15 - .038" 14 - .028"
Available Weights:
13-16# (Warlock core)
10-12# (Light wt. core)
Lane Conditions:
Coverstock:XV Pearl Coverstock
Core:Warlock Core

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