Raven Invasion

Raven Invasion

   ***10-13lb balls are special order and may take up to 2-3 weeks to ship***


     The Raven Invasion uses the Ogre HDC core, surrounded by the new Implex II Pearl coverstock.  This coverstock is a formulation that utilized the same great base polyols found in the React-A-Tack and Eradicator covers, but 2 new additives have been used to increase backend reaction and it's ability to create traction in the oil.

     This ball can be used for all medium house conditions (medium light to medium heavy).  On most house patterns, this ball can be used as a benchmark ball that can often times be used throughout the entire night without having to make huge adjustments as the lanes break down.

Tech Specs

Color:Black/Purple/White Pearl
Factory Finish:1500 Polish
RG:16 - 2.52" 15 - 2.53" 14 - 2.56"
Differential:16 - .049" 15 - .049" 14 - .047"
Available Weights:
Lane Conditions:
Coverstock:Implex II Pearl
Core:Ogre HDC Core

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Raven Invasion