Ogre Particle

Ogre Particle

     The Ogre Particle uses our Ionic Particle cover, the same great cover used on the highly successful Granite Gargoyle. With a strong reactive base material that is enhanced by soft particles, the Particle Ogre will create traction on heavier oils, without damaging the lanes or sacrificing longevity.

     Unlike most particle balls, this coverstock can be brought back to a factory condition very easily. This Ogre will fill the heavy oil end of our mid-price line very well. With the same great hit and carry as the entire OGRE series, the Ogre Particle was designed to blend out the wet/dry conditions and create less sensitivity to the oil line and carrydown.

     The OGRE line is powered by a symmetrical, dual density core design without a wrap. This allows for a thicker, more uniform coverstock for extra resilience and energy at impact with the pins. The dense flip cap helps create a strong move at it’s breakpoint, while the body of the core helps to provide a consistent reaction without the typical over/under you see from many reactives.

     The OGRE core is a modification of the design used in the Centaur/AMB/Immortal lines. Anyone who’s thrown the Green/Blue Centaur and any of the AMBs or Immortals would have experienced first hand the tremendous differences created by the placement and densities of the various caps. The single flip cap design produces more flare than the Green/Blue Centaur but less than the Immortals and AMBs.

Tech Specs

Factory Finish:1000 Abralon
RG:Medium (2.58)
Differential:Med/Low (.031")
Available Weights:
10-12# (light wt. core)
Lane Conditions:
Coverstock:Ionic Particle Coverstock
Core:Ogre Core

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