Mixed Breed Solid

Mixed Breed Solid

     By combining the Mohawk and Serpentine cores, along with the Xiphos II coverstock, this ball is a mixture of epic proportions. This combination of core and cover give the Mixed Breed the same aggressive midlane roll as the Spartan, along with the powerful backends found in the New Breeds.

     The Mixed Breed has a strong asymmetric core design, boasting an intermediate differential of .015″ and a total differential of .052″. This allows the ball to not only get into an early roll, but provide a strong breakpoint with tremendous continuation. The Mixed Breed core takes the best of the Mohawk and Serpentine cores, and combines them to create a truly asymmetric core with a higher intermediate differential than either.

     Like its predecessor, the Xiphos II coverstock keeps oil absorption to a minimum, allowing the bowler to use the ball for years without having to extract or remove oil from the coverstock. Maintenance on this cover is very simple, with an occasional cleaning and lightly scuffing the ball with 1,000 abralon to keep the surface fresh.

     ***This is a Z-spin asymmetric core design, so please make sure to read the drilling instructions and drill properly***

Tech Specs

Color:Fluorescent Orange/Red Swirls
Factory Finish:1000 Abralon
RG:Low (2.54)
Available Weights:
10-12# (light wt. core)
Lane Conditions:
Coverstock:Xiphos II
Core:Mixed Breed Core