Immortal Solid

Immortal Solid

     The Immortal Solid is an extremely aggressive ball that will create a heavy roll in the midlane with a strong hard arc reaction on the back. With the 1000 grit matte finish it will handle medium to heavier oils. For med to drier conditions, the Immortal Solid may need polish to help retain energy and prevent early burn up, however the Immortal Pearl is better suited for those conditions.

     The IMMORTAL is an adaptation of our highly successful Anti-Mass Bias core design. Unlike other balls which use dense materials to create a mass bias, the AMB design utilizes an extremely light cap opposite the desired mass bias location. This AMB flip cap creates a negative mass bias on the side with the cap and also creates a positive mass bias at the desired location. This allows the bowler to drill the ball in just about any possible manner, without affecting the core shape or dynamics.

     Due to the extremely high differential, this ball flares a ton which creates an earlier and harder arc reaction compared to other balls with similar covers. The IMMORTAL'S can create a strong reaction for those bowling styles that need help to get the ball into a roll, however they may burn up for bowlers without much speed or side rotation.

     The AMB-IMMORTAL core has a heavy cap added to the bottom of the original AMB core. This allows the density of the top cap to be increased significantly. The result is a core that produces an extreme flare potential with it’s 0.078″ differential.

     To Layout the AMB-IMMORTAL properly, you must first mark the “Virtual Mass Bias” by drawing a line from the 1/4″ locator pin on the backside, through the 1/2″ white flip pin around the ball. Mark an “x”180 degrees from the AMB pin (13 1/2″ from the AMB pin which puts the “x” 6 3/4″ from the black pin. This Virtual Mass Bias point can then be treated using the same general rules that apply to other typical mass bias spots.

     *** By using the AMB cap to create an Anti-Mass Bias (negative mass bias on the back side) it allows the ball to have a lower RG than the original DC core while maintaining a high differential. It also helps maintain more of the core dynamics for most drillings. In the case with most strong Mass bias balls, when drilling the thumb – you remove a large portion of the heavy core or cap used to create the bias, resulting in less of the core’s original dynamics. BUT, with the AMB core, you drill into lighter coverstock and save almost all of the original core shape – retaining the true dynamics originally designed by the core. ***

Tech Specs

Factory Finish:1500 Matte
RG:Low (2.51)
Differential:Extremely High (.078")
Available Weights:
10-12# (light wt. core)
Lane Conditions:
Coverstock:Reactive Solid Coverstock
Core:Immortal AMB Core

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