G-3 Gryphon

G-3 Gryphon

     The dual-toned G-3 Gryphon takes the core used in the Burgundy Particle Gryphon and encases it with our pearlized G-3 coverstock to create a ball that will get through the heads with ease, and retain it’s energy for a very strong backend reaction.

     This ball was designed for most medium conditions and has a true skid-snap reaction. As is the case for most pearlized reactives, the G-3 Gryphon produces the strongest reaction on fresh backends, but with the lower RG and higher differential (flare potential) it is able to get into a roll even with some carrydown.

     The core used in the GRYPHON line offers a low RG (2.50″) with a high Differential (.056″). This allows the Gryphons to read earlier than other balls with similar covers but the heavy flip cap keeps the Gryphons from losing energy too soon. The Gryphons are great balls for almost every style.

     This ball is powered by an elongated symmetrical, dual density inner core design with a tapered cylindrical wrap. The differential created by this combination allows the ball to rev up and read the midlane while the dense flip cap helps create the strong break on the backend.

Tech Specs

Factory Finish:1500 Polish
RG:Low (2.497)
Differential:High (.056")
Available Weights:
10-12# (light wt. core)
Lane Conditions:
Core:Gryphon II