Burgundy Particle Gryphon

Burgundy Particle Gryphon

     By surrounding this core with a reactive based high load particle coverstock, we have created a ball that not only reads the midlanes well, but delivers a strong backend move that bowlers desire. This ball can be left in box condition for most med-heavy oil conditions, dulled up for extremely heavy oil patterns, or polished to give it more length and stronger backends.

     When the oil is too long or too heavy for the Blue Sparkle Gryphon - this is the ball to go to. This ball was designed to read the midlanes but still retain energy for a stronger back end than most particle balls produced.

     Starting with the original Warlock core (from the Blue and Orange Warlocks and the Sorcerer), the bottom was cut off to shorten the inner portion of the core. This lowers the differential slightly to help retain some length and energy for the back. Then it is wrapped with a lighter wrap allowing us to use a heavier inner core to help the ball read the midlane. The core is incased with a new high load particle with a reactive base.

Tech Specs

Factory Finish:600 Wet Sand
Lane Conditions:
Coverstock:Reactive Particle Coverstock
Core:Gryphon II