AMB Centaur Pearl

AMB Centaur Pearl

      This version of the AMB line gets down the lane further and easier than the AMB solid with a sharper break. The pearlized reactive cover would normally make this a skid/snap ball but the core forces the ball into an earlier roll – resulting in a strong, sharp break but not a true skid/snap. Usually pearls tend to squirt through the breakpoint when you get carrydown, but the Bronze AMB rolls sooner and recovers better than most pearl reactives.

      By using the AMB cap to create an Anti-Mass Bias (negative mass bias on the back side) it allows the ball to have a lower RG than the original DC core while maintaining a high differential. It also helps maintain more of the core dynamics for most drillings. In the case with most strong Mass bias balls, when drilling the thumb – you remove a large portion of the heavy core or cap used to create the bias, resulting in less of the core’s original dynamics. BUT, with the AMB core, you drill into lighter coverstock and save almost all of the original core shape – retaining the true reaction originally designed by the core. The Centaur-AMB uses a modified version of the Centaur core design, and a new line of coverstocks.


*** This is a modified version – not the original Centaur core. The bottom arm was lengthened, the densities changed, the top flip cap was made heavier and the ultra-light “AMB” cap was created on the back side. The result is a very high differential core producing high flare (usually 5″ or more). The core produces much backend than the Green/Blue Centaur ***

Tech Specs

Color:Antique Bronze/Blue
Factory Finish:1500 Polish
RG:Medium (2.56")
Differential:High (.065")
Lane Conditions:
Coverstock:Reactive Pearl Coverstock
Core:Centaur-AMB Core