About Us

     Visionary Bowling Products was started in the beginning of 1997 at our plant in St. Louis, Missouri. The research and development team at Visionary include a chemist, a chemical engineer, a mechanical engineer and a production manager with over 75 years of combined experience in manufacturing high performance bowling balls.

     Unlike some other bowling ball companies, we manufacture all of our performance balls from start to finish. By doing all of the work in house, it allows us to control and maintain both the quality and performance of our equipment. Many companies do random inspections, but at Visionary each and every ball is checked individually for hardness, roundness, weight, topweight, pin placement, and overall quality. If it is not right it does not leave the factory.     

     Our goal is to produce a well rounded line of equipment that will allow any bowler the ability to use at least one Visionary ball with great success, no matter what style of bowling they have, or what conditions they are bowling on. Instead of releasing a new ball every month just to have something new, we look at where we have a void in our line. We then research and do extensive testing to make sure that the new ball performs as desired and is significantly different than the other balls in the line. We don’t want to have multiple balls that react the same or similar enough that you can’t tell the difference, and as a result we don’t produce a lot of balls each year – but the ones we do create are essential to filling out our product line.